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Date of Metadata 04.04.2016 CET 09:00
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Dirección General de Tráfico
C/ Josefa Valcárcel 44, Madrid
Name of publication Traffic: Incidents in public roads
Description of publication Incidents with possible effect on the traffic on public roads managed by the City Hall of Madrid (M-30 and its access branch roads from national highways, urban roads).
Dataset type category Static road data; Dynamic road data; Real-time traffic information; Adverse weather conditions; Safety Related Traffic Information;
Dataset language spa
Start date of publication 12.03.2014
Area covered by publication ES3;
Network coverage Urban ring road; Urban and local roads;
Dirección de Gestión y Vigilancia de la Circulación
Ayuntamiento de Madrid
C/ Albarracín, 33, Madrid
Data owner
Dirección de Gestión y Vigilancia de la Circulación
C/ Albarracín, 33, Madrid
Contract or licence Licence and Free of charge
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Update frequency 5min
Quality Indicator Information validated by Mobility Management Center of Madrid City.